Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tutorial photoshop

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Just Text FX
3D Gold Metallic Type (using multi-level gradients)
Create a New Document.
Attributes: 300x150 pixels / RGB / White Background.
Click the Type tool and type a short word. I used the letters PSG, and chose Arial Black for my
font. Make your text large enough to fill most of the canvas area, but not all of it. My type was set at
100 pixels.
Photoshop 5+ users: for the purpose of this exercise, Render your type layer first before continuing. Then
click in the 'Preserve Transparency' checkbox to turn it on.
Photoshop 4 users: check to make sure the 'Preserve Transparency' checkbox is ticked ON after you've
entered your type to a layer, and Deselect the text if it has become selected.
Creating a multi-leveled gradient, for metallic effects:
(instead of me just giving you my gradient file, i'm going to show you how to make one. There's
nothing to be learned by me just giving you the file, right?)
Before we continue here we'll need to create a special type of gradient i like to use for metal effects. It has to
have about 6 to 9 varying levels of grey in it. These different levels of grey will help to simulate various kinds
of object and light reflections that may be present in the metal objects we create.
Here's how we're going to create this multi-level gradient:
First: Start by picking the Linear Gradient tool, then open the options palette for the tool (you
can double-click the tool to open it's Options palette). Within the options palette choose the
gradient style named 'Spectrum'.
Second: Click on the Edit button in the options palette. When the editor opens, click the
Duplicate button. Enter a new name for the gradient - name it "Metallic Grad", or "Spectrum
Metal", something to that effect.
Third: Now we're going to work from left to right, changing the colours in the spectrum style to
be different shades of grey instead. Start by clicking on the left-most colour slider. Then click on
the colour swatch just below the sliders. When your palette editor opens up, enter these
numbers in the R G B boxes > R=204 G=204 B=204.
Repeat these same steps for all the other colours in the Spectrum gradient. Work from left to
right. Below are the RGB numbers to enter for the rest of the colours in the gradient. Count the
amount of colours in the Spectrum Grad to make sure we have the same amount - there should
be 7 all together.
The Photoshop Guru's Handbook - 3D Gold Metallic Text
http://gurus.onlinedesignschool.com/intermediate/3d_gradients.shtml (1 of 3) [11/25/2000 6:09:59 AM]
1st colour = R-204 G-204 B-204
2nd colour = R-102 G-102 B-102
3rd colour = R-255 G-255 B-255
4th colour = R-153 G-153 B-153
5th colour = R-51 G-51 B-51
6th colour = R-153 G-153 B-153
7th colour = R-51 G-51 B-51
If you find you have more than 7 colour sliders,
simply delete the remaining ones by pressing
on them and dragging them downward. That
will delete them. If you need to add any colours,
just hold down the ALT key (Mac: Option) and
press and drag one of the existing sliders to the right or left. That will add a colour. Then press and drag the
new slider into the position you'd like it to be along the colour strip.
Applying the gradient:
Once you have your metallic grad designed, let's apply it to our type.
Start out by naming your type layer "Text 1". Then check that the 'Preserve Transparency' option has
been ticked ON for this layer. (PS 5+ users make sure your type layer has been Rendered). Then, click the
Linear gradient tool at the top of your text and drag it to the bottom. Hold the Shift key down while dragging
so the gradient will be perfectly straight.
Thickening the metal:
Duplicate the 'Text 1' layer and name this one 'Text 2'. Ctrl-click (Mac: Command) the 'Text 2' layer to
select the type. Now contract the selection by 2 pixels. Then Feather it by 1 pixel. Now invert the
selection the selection and hit the Delete key. Set this layer's Blend Mode to Exclusion.
Fine-tuning the reflections/adding a bevel:
Duplicate the 'Text 1' layer again, and drag the duplicate to the top of the palette. Name this one 'Text
3'. Press Ctrl+I (Mac: Command) to invert the colours of this layer; to the opposite of what they are.
Now we'll use a quick method for sizing simple objects in Photoshop. Open the Filter menu and go down to
the 'Other' selection in the list. In there, choose the filter 'Maximum' (aka: Maximum transparency). Set the
amount to 2 pixels. Click OK to apply. Set this layer's Blend Mode to Overlay.
Going for the Gold!: hahaa, Get it?!... i kill me ;)
Ok we're almost there. Creating the special gradient makes this seem longer than it really is. You'll
see, once you go through the steps again; like i KNOW you will.
Ok, so now you need create a New Layer and name it 'bevel colour'. Then Duplicate this layer and name the
dupe 'face colour'. Ctrl-click (Mac: Command) on the 'Text 1' layer again to create a selection of the type.
Now activate the 'bevel colour' layer again, by clicking on it. Fill the selection with this colour - R=204 G=204
B=153. Then Contract the selection by 2 pixels, and press the Delete key. Set the Blend Mode to Color.
Now activate the 'face colour' layer and fill the selection on this layer with this colour - R=255 G=204 B=0. Set
this layer's Blend Mode to Color Dodge, and turn down the Opacity level to 40%.
Voila! A nice clean gold metal effect.
Other colours can also work here to produce different types
of metals. Experiment to see what different types of metals
you can come up with, by simply using a differnt colour. For
a straight chrome or stainless steel effect, just turn off the 2
coloured layers we made. Then follow these steps:
: Ctrl-click the 'Text 1' layer to create a selection of the type.
: Duplicate the 'Text 3' layer.
: Fill this layer with White, and then add noise / Amount=100 / Gaussian / Monochrome.
The Photoshop Guru's Handbook - 3D Gold Metallic Text
http://gurus.onlinedesignschool.com/intermediate/3d_gradients.shtml (2 of 3) [11/25/2000 6:09:59 AM]
: Apply a Motion Blur to the layer at a -34 degree Angle / Distance=15.
: Emboss the layer / Angle= -145 / Height=7 / Amount=150.
: Set the Blend Mode to Lighten.
Playing around with the the layer Blend Modes can yield some different results also. Try changing the
Blend Mode for the 'Text 3' layer and see how the effect can change.
Other effects can be achieved too by simple means. Such
as this effect here. Try these steps to produce this burnt
effect on yours: (reset the blend modes if you changed
them in the tips above)
Duplicate the 'Text 3' layer. Press Ctrl+I (Mac: Command)
to invert the colours of the gradient. Then apply a 2 to 3
pixel Gaussian Blur to the layer; make sure the type is not
selected. I used 2.5 pixels for mine. Then set the layer's
Blend Mode to Difference. And finally, change the 'bevel colour' layer's Blend Mode to Color Dodge,
and turn down it's Opacity to 50%. Done.
And here's one final example of what a little experimenting
can get you. All i'm going to tell you here for this one is that
it involves using the Clouds/Difference Clouds filter, and the
Emboss filter. It's not that difficult. So see if you can figure
out how i got the previous 'Burnt Metal' effect to look this
way. ;)
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tips Merawat komputer

Tips for Caring for Your Computer
This weekend is one article important for people who buy a new computer / laptop and the tips
Explain to merawatnya. This article comes from various sources, only one of the unreleased
Onoid. This article discusses pointing in terms of the use of the software and hardwarenya.
To treat the computer, you need to do:
Defragment the hard drive regularly.
Disk defragmenter works to address and sort the files on your hard disk
type in such a way that will facilitate the process of read / write the cause
work load will be more light I can finally extend the life of hard drives. To
Disk Defragmenter to do, how to click the Start menu> Programs> accepted> System
Tools> Disk Defragmenter
When running this function can not be any other programs running including my screensaver
because it will disrupt the function of this defrag.
Activate the screensaver
In addition to aesthetic nature (for beauty), screensaver I have other important functions.
CRT monitors also phosphorus televisions use to display images. If the monitor
show the same image for some time that there is constantly on phosphorus
shots. This can lead to monitor the image to be problematic
dimmed / less clear. As if your monitor is LCD, LED's are equipped
with energy saving, the screensaver is not needed anymore.
How to activate the screensaver can be done in many ways, one click
Start> Control Panel> Display> click on the screensaver tab, then select the appropriate taste
Adequate ventilation
Place the monitor and CPU in such a way so that the ventilation air to and from
monitor / CPU quite smoothly. I less good ventilation will cause excessive heat
so that the components / electronic circuits inside will be hot so fast
can shorten the age of the components page. Therefore earned the distance between
monitor / CPU with the wall / walls at least 30 cm. If you need to install a fan in the
Page 2
Use UPS or stavolt.
Use UPS to anticipate blackouts sudden I can lead to
damage to the hard disk. If there is no forced UPS, to anticipate the use Stavolt
increased voltage decrease.
Closed / close the program not useful
Every program I loaded or run requires memory (RAM) that the
I run many programs, more and more memory I tersita. This is in addition to
cause the computer to run slowly also work load more weight I can finally
age cut components / computer.
Install and update antivirus programs regularly
To be able to recognize a virus / Trojan the new program should update antivirus software regularly.
I had the virus spread in the computer can make you re-install the computer.
This is in addition to costs also will cause your hard disk will be faster
damaged often than not, when re-installed.
Clean the recycle bin regularly
The actual file / folder, we do not immediately remove from the missing hard drive, because it will be
be used in the recycle bin with the purpose to a time when you are
may need to return again. Recycle bin have many will also impound
space can cause reading my hard disk so slow.
• run Windows Explorer> click the recycle bin> click File> click Empty Recyle Bin
• run the Disk Cleanup. How Click Start> Programs> Accessories> System
Tools> Disk Cleanup> and then select the drive I would like to be cleaned> after that
centangilah options to recycle bin, if also need to check the other (such as temporary files,
temporary Internet files), after the click OK.
Active Speacker Do not put too close to the
Because the magnetic fields that are on the speakers will affect the monitor
color monitor is not flat or mottled.
Page 3
Uninstall or remove the program's not useful
My hard drive space is too many tersita will slow the process of read / write hard disk
so that the burden will be working more weight so fast hard disk will be damaged.
Clean the motherboard and other peripherals from the dust
At least six months this must be done. Open casingnya first
then clean the motherboard and other peripherals (RAM, Video Card, Modem, Sound Card,
CDR / CDRW / DVRW, TV Tuner) with a fine brush. At the time the computer is not used
Close the computer (monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse) with a cover so that dust does not
easily into the computer.
Place the cable grounding
If you nyetrum chassis, take the cable with a length necessary and do: end
one associated with the body of the CPU (the chassis), while the other end planted in the
land (floor). This will be ground-to-i (me-I-zero) voltage electric chassis.
Because the voltage is the same chassis with the land, it will not flow, which flows
so the electronic components in the chassis is more durable. In addition, you also freed
from the physical danger (subject to electric current) ☺.
For the laptop, you can add some care, including:
• Now this is a cushion fan (forget the name euy ...). The fan
placed in the bottom of the laptop as a platform or a holder so that the bottom of the laptop
will be in the hot-air-i. You can use to prevent warming
components in your laptop.
• Use the battery only for the urgent circumstances, hurry, it is important, and there is no
power source in place using your laptop. Do not use a laptop with
on the condition of the battery and charging on. This condition will cause your battery burned
little by little, so age (span of life) is reduced drastically.
• Periodic, spend contents (voltage) until the battery is exhausted. Do: Click
right in the desktop> click Properties> click on the Screensaver> click Power> click
Alarms> removed the check option Activate low battery Alarms and options Activate
critical battery Alarms> click Ok.
This works to treat the battery so that age can remain intact.
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